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d the "inhuman, murderous violence" that "must not be tolerated."Murderous violence in H▓ong Kong 'must not be tolerated': China's ambassad▓or to UKMurderous violence in Hong Kong 'must not be▓ tolerated': China's ambassador to UK11-19-2019 09:32 BJTChina's ambassador to Britain has said that the top priority in Hong Kong is to "end violence and restore order," denou

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ed."Rioters in Hong Kong occupied roads and b▓uildings at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong over the weekend. On Sunday, they shot arrows and hurled petrol bombs from the campus at pol▓ice, and set fire to the flyover connecting the campus a▓nd the Hung Hom MTR station. One police officer was shot in the leg with an arrow."The recent▓ escalation of illegal, violent activities push▓ed Hong Kong into an extremely dangerous sit▓uation," said Ambassador Liu Xiaoming,▓ addressing media at the Chinese Embassy in London. ▓;Quoting comments made by Chinese President Xi Jinping at the recent BRICS Summit in Brazil, Li▓u said "the incessant extreme violent offences in Hong Kong trampled on the rule of law, disrupted public order, severely undermined the prosperity and stability in Hong Kong, and gravely

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eech and discussing▓ those at the university, Liu said that "while claim▓ing they stand with the weak, the rioters have ▓indiscriminately hurt ordinary citizens&h▓ellip; such inhuman, murderous violence in bro▓ad daylight trampled on the bottom lines of law, morality▓ and civilization and must not be tolerated."Liu described how events in Hong Kong have had repercussions in Europe: "Some besieged the Secretary for Justice of Hong Kong SAR, who was invited to an event in London," he said."She was pushed to the ground and sustained an arm injury. We expres▓s the strongest indignation and condemnation over these vio▓lent acts."Turning to the global perception of events, Liu ▓warned that Hong Kong's reputation was bein▓g tarnished. "In media reports, Hong ▓Kong is now associated with incessant violence and disorder." "The success and achievements of the past 22 years since the handover are being eroded. The once oriental pearl is turning into an or▓iental scar. Hong Kong the fragrant harbou